Bulk honey supply is our core business. We are specialized in supplying our honey packed in any format for honey repackers and confectionery industrial companies. Moreover, we select our batches according to our customers’ needs so the get exactly what their market is demanding.


We provide you with bulk honey in top-open drums of approximately 300kg so that you can pack it the way you like.

private LABEL JARS

We offer a wide range of different formats and sizes of jars that we can put at your disposal without label or labelled with your own brand, fully adjusting to your needs.


For smaller quantities we do possibility of purchasing honey in buckets ranging between 5kg up to 35kg.




The most popular honey variety from East Europe. It has a semi-transparent yellowish-white color and a sweet fragrance. Its high content of fructose and low content of glucose makes this honey the most liquid in the world, which makes it very easy to consume and store. 
It is expectorant, cough suppressant, diuretic, antidiarrheal, intestinal regulator, indicated in gastric ailments, in the treatment of asthenia and neuroses.



Light amber colour that can vary depending on the collection area. It has a very characteristic gently minty flavor and a semi-liquid texture which make it easy to consume.

Due to its antibiotic properties, it is recommended for treating colds and flus, as this honey acts specially in the mucus membranes located in the nose and throat.



Whitish to light yellow in color and high in glucose, which makes it crystallize quickly, even in the first two weeks after extraction. It contains trace elements, especially calcium and boron.



Dark yellowish and with high density due to the important glucose content.

It has psychic tonic and general tonic properties.  It is known for its anti-atherosclerosis and anti-bacterial properties. It is used as an adjuvant in the treatment of bronchitis and stomach ailments.



Unique honey as it results from the nectar of several species of plants, which bloom in the same period of the year. Depending on the predominant plant, the color and taste of the honey can be different, going from light yellow to dark amber.



Our raw beeswax comes directly from our beekeepers’ beehives after the honey has been harvested. The foundation sheets are separated from the wooden frames and melted in tanks to get homogeneous beeswax blocks.

It can be used to produce new foundation sheets for the beehives and for different industries: candles, cosmetic, pharma,etc.


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